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E. Ethelbert Miller is a writer and literary activist. He was born in 1950 and grew up in New York City. A graduate of Howard University, he was one of the first students at that institution to major in African American Studies. Today, he is the board chair of the Institute for Policy Studies, a progressive think tank located in Washington, D.C. Miller served as Director of the African American Resource Center at Howard University and is the editor of Poet Lore, the oldest poetry magazine published in the United States. In 1996, he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Literature from Emory and Henry College. A Fulbright Senior Specialist Program Fellow in 2004 and 2012, Miller is the founder and former chair of the Humanities Council of Washington, D.C. The author of several collections of poetry, he has also written two memoirs, Fathering Words: The Making of an African American Writer (2000) and The 5th Inning (2009). Miller is the host and producer of The Scholars, which airs on UDC-TV. His poetry has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, German, Hungarian, Chinese, Farsi, Norwegian, Tamil and Arabic. A recent core faculty member with the Bennington Writing Seminars, Miller has taught at UNLV, American University, George Mason University, and Emory and Henry College. Inducted into the Washington, D.C. Hall of Fame for 2015, Miller is also a regular on National Public Radio.












“Ethelbert’s poetry enters us and sings. Like the biblical prophets, he inspires and challenges us, and gives voice to our deepest longing: to live with greater intensity and passion, and bring significance to our existence. He is one of the great voices of our day.”

                                     —Susannah Heschel, Eli Black Professor of Jewish Studies, Dartmouth College



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     The 5th Inning  (2009)

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 Beyond the Frontier








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