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The Scholars hosted by E. Ethelbert Miller


Welcome to "The Scholars" a television interview series that explores contemporary scholarship.   We hope to engage and challenge your thinking on broad range of topics.  You will meet a diverse group of scholars who are investigating and thinking about our complex and changing world.

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       SEASON ONE                                                        SEASON TWO                                                SEASON THREE

The Scholars:  Darius Bost

The Scholars:  Adia Coleman

The Scholars:  Ana Jara

The Scholars:  Sonja Woods

The Scholars:  Phiwokuhle Mnyandu

The Scholars:  Kirsten Porter

The Scholars:  John Cavanagh






The Scholars: Wynn Yarbrough
The Scholars: Noura Erakat Part 1
The Scholars: Noura Erakat Part 2
The Scholars: John Kiriakou

The Scholars: Grace Aneiza Ai (Part 1)

The Scholars: Grace Aneiza Ai (Part 2) 

The Scholars:  David C. Ward

The Scholars:  Liz Lerman



The Scholars:  Julia Sweig

The Scholars:  Michael Witmore               





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