Did you notice how quickly those ads for Brokeback Mountain changed once the film became successful? Now let's be real. CRASH is not a great movie. It's not even a good one. I did find it funny how Don Cheadle was the big name going into the promotion of things and suddenly got dropped. It felt like the guy was back in Rwanda and not California. Despite all the various races represented in CRASH the Academy rewards the white people. It was as if this was a Dutton/Bullock film. We are still blind to others. If anyone should have been given an award it should have been the Latino guy who was fixing the locks.
The "lock" was the metaphor that made the film not the car crash. Folks were either locked in or out of cars, getting their locks changed, or unable to lock their doors. But what did the Ads give us - the white man/black woman image. The "lovers" embrace? Geez, was their relationship really the central part of the movie? Other than being in an actual crash - No. But it provides the dropkick that even Doug Flutie would be proud